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Ask Raman

What inspired me to resume Table Tennis (2nd Inning)?

I always loved to interact with my team in India– talking to them – always get amazed with their inestimable energy. One of the interactions, where my team member – who was new but bold said, “Raman, I admire you as my Leader but I will respect you more if you restart Table Tennis – because you are a different person when you play Table Tennis”. He watched me once playing Table Tennis in my office. Somebody who is 10 years younger to me – much junior to me, opened my mind. Time to resume my passion in 2008 after a gap of 9 years.

Best moment(s):

  • Tough team championship against South Australia in Nationals October 2017 in Perth. It had to decide who will take the silver medal and I vouched to play both doubles and we won 6-5, simultaneously, winning my all 3 singles
  • In the same tournament, playing with Mitch Connors who closed at No 2, I was 0-5 down in the deciding game (2-2 all), and I beat him 11-5. Do you think, it was my skill that made a difference – I don’t think so. Deciding game is all about mental toughness.

What’s the future of Table Tennis in India?

Feel great to be in the same fraternity of Indian Table Tennis legends such as Achanta Sarath Kamal, Mouma Das etc. It is outstanding to watch them making India proud in Commonwealth Games. Playing few shots with Manika Batra in New Delhi (she was much junior to me), anybody could see the prodigy in her. Most of the players are playing in Europe tournaments, Ultimate Table Tennis was a great format (I call it IPL of Table Tennis), Manav Thakkar became World No 1 in Juniors under 18 last month, 6 paddlers amongst the top World 100. We are in the right direction…

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  1. Hi
    I would like give coaching for my son in table tennis.he is nearly 11 years old. I am living in Gregory Hills 2557. Which is the nearest centre or how it working out .. thanks

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