Raman's Table Tennis Academy
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About Raman's Table Tennis Academy

At Raman’s table tennis academy we aim to support the development and enhancement of table tennis skills of recreational as well as professional players. Our mantra at Raman’s table tennis academy is “play hard, play fair and enjoy it!”.

Following are a few of the key facilities we have

  • 2 ITTF approved Table Tennis Tables (Brand: Xushaofa 19mm and 25mm top) 
  • High ceiling to match ITTF regulations
  • Advanced sessions with Y&T Robot (multi ball) 
  • Timber flooring for good footwork
  • Safe and secure premises
  • Kitchenette and Toilets, disable toilets, sink
  • Extensive undercover parking
  • Security patrols

Weekly Booking Status

How to Become a Member

Considering your convenience and requirements  we have various option for you to chose from. Chose your option from the list given below and contact us via phone at +61(042)-610-7125 or email us at raman.chandra@gmail.com.

Pay As You Go ($32/session)

No commitment: Students who want to test the water before full commitment. You can cancel the membership at any time. No session commitment (number of sessions). Focused coaching: Good for students who want to focus on specific skill for example, service, service return, forehand top spin etc. Payment Process: Pay after each session.

Basic ($25/session)

Repetition: To make a skill your routine – do it 21 times, thus, 21 sessions commitment under Basic package. You can start participating in intra school/corporate tournament after finishing these sessions. Towards the end of the program, you can start doing the rallies, basic spin and top spins.

Payment Process: Pay fortnight or monthly  (in advance)

Premium ($20/session)

commitment to the program: It would require high commitment from the students. 32 sessions commitment under Premium pack. Academy will recommend students to practice at home/school/work too

Advanced coaching:  Towards the end of the program, you can do top spins and high toss spin service. Take your passion on to the next level – time to start “winning” School/Corporate tournaments.

Payment Process: Pay fortnight or monthly  (in advance)

Home Visit ($60/session)

Time Saving & Convenient: You can save a lot of traveling time and the option also provides flexibility for parents. Condition: You need to have Table Tennis table at home (Garage space is required for beginners). While it is possible to play with less than 7 feet of clearance at each end of the table and 5 feet on each side, this amount of space allows room to move freely for an unobstructed game.

Payment Process: Pay after each session

*Home Visits are only available for Sunday morning (between 7:00 AM-10:00 AM). Rest, all slots are FULL 

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